Aubers Ridge

The Battle of Aubers Ridge was a British attack in May 1915 in support of and as a diversion from the French attack on Lens in the Battle of Artois.

Elements of the British 1st and Indian corps attacked on the right flank with the British 8th division making the main attack on the left.  A 40 minute bombardment began at 0500 hrs on 9th May followed by the British advance at 0525 hrs.  It was intended to get close to the German trenches under the cover of the artillery barrage.  Unfortunately due to shells falling short the British sustained heavy casualities and the troops were unable to get into place.  When the bombardment ceased the Germans manned their parapets and were able to repulse most of the attack though in one or two places small elements reached the German lines only to be cut down by enfilade (fire that can be directed along its length of the British advance) fire.  A German counter bombardment wrecked the British line and prevented reinforcements reaching the front and by afternoon the battle had died out.  German casualties were more than 3000 whilst the Allied casualties  were over 6000 killed and wounded.