HELP Required

Sarah Nattress - Turnsteads - 5th June 2022

Sarah Nattress is seeking information about "The Turnsteads" :-

We are trying to track down information, history and any surviving images of The Turnsteads (now demolished) in Cleckheaton - home to the Wadsworth family who owned Broomfield Mills. If you can help in any way, we would be so appreciative.

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Calvin Schermerhorn - Jacob Green - 22nd April 2022

Professor Calvin Schermerhorn of Arizona State University is seeking information about Jacob Green:-

Jacob Green (b. 1813), a Black author, abolitionist, and formerly enslaved migrant who lived in Heckmondwike in 1864. He was born a slave in Maryland, U.S.A, escaped from Kentucky, and spoke in Denholme, Dewsbury, and Hopton in 1863-1864, and published his autobiography in Huddersfield in 1864.

Henry Fielding, of Pack Horse Yard Huddersfield, a printer and merchant, published Green’s slave narrative, which sold over 8000 copies (

Calvin is seeking records of his life in England.

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Luke Zillman - Kathleen Knapton - 15th November 2021

Luke Zillman is seeking information about his grandmother Kathleen Knapton:-

My name is Luke Zillman. I am seeking the below information for my grandmother (maiden name Kathleen Knapton).

1.) Any photos of my grandmothers parents (Clara Knapton (maiden name Knapton) and her husband Lewis Knapton.

2.) Any information you might have on Clara and Lewis.

I know they lived in Littletown. My grandmother was born in 1933.

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Philip Johnson - Eleanor Reynolds - 15th November 2021

Philip Johnson is seeking help in finding out about Eleanor Reynolds:-

In compiling the history of Trinity Players in Barnsley (, the chronology of plays reveals a whole bunch of plays by Eleanor Reynolds. It would appear that none however were published.

Further research into the writer revealed a list of over 25 plays credited to her. These plays were performed between 1932 and 1958 by groups far and wide but mainly in West Yorkshire but also in places from Fleetwood, Lancashire and Derbyshire.

She lived, married and spent most of her life in Liversedge. On the 20th August 1927, Eleanor Shaw, a spinster aged 28, was joined in matrimony with Sam Reynolds. They were married in the Wesleyan Chapel once situated on Huddesrfield Road, Millbridge, Liversedge, West Yorkshire. Sam and Eleanor had one son. The family were living at 167 Huddersfield Road, Liversedge according to the 1937 and 1947 electoral register.

My appeal is does anyone know any more aspects of her life? I would love to locate a copy of at least one of her plays. They do seem popular and always well received.

Also, in those pre internet days, I would like to find out how the plays spread over such a large area.

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Abby Weeks - Thomas Hollingsworth, Hunsworth - 12th December 2020

Abby Weeks is seeking help with the forced movement of Thomas Hollingsworth:-

My name is Abby Weeks, and I am doing some research into the history of the Hollingsworth family. I have encountered a mystery regarding the family of Thomas Hollingsworth in 1789, in Hunsworth, which later became part of Spenborough. While the details may be lost to time, I hope you can help me understand what was going on during this period, or point me toward the right people to ask.

According to the Bradford Archives, in January 1789, "Thomas Holllingworth", wife Betty [nee Shellitoe], and their children were ordered [to be] removed from Hunsworth to Tong.

I am trying to discover why, or at least make a reasonable guess based on the history of the region.

The date suggests that this is too early to be in response to the Enclosure Acts for this area. On the other hand, I know enclosure was more of an ongoing process than a series of defined dates, and Thomas Hollingsworth WAS a husbandman.

I would like to know, just generally, what was going on in Hunsworth around 1788-89. Was enclosure having an effect already? Were other families expelled this way? Is there another major factor I'm missing?

I would be very grateful for any help you can give me, either in learning about Hunsworth or finding someone who can tell me about it.

Abby Weeks; Bangor, Maine, USA

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Barry Holroyd - Brickfield, Liversedge - 5th October 2020

Barry Holroyd is seeeking information about Brickfield, Liversedge:-

Brought up in William Street Liversedge, I often used to play in the nearby Brickfield, but why was it called the Brickfield? Do you have any knowledge of a Millbridge Brickworks on that site?

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Diane Cothey - Wormald Street, Heckmondwike - 8th April 2020

Diane Cothey is seeking information for her sister about Wormald Street, Heckmondwike:-

My sister has a house on Wormald Street near the tunnel and the embankment and wonder if you have any history of that area and/or photos, please? Or any information about why and how the houses were built there. We think it was about 1878?

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Chris Wood - Death bed confession of Ann Gill - 9th August 2019

Chris Wood is seeking information about the death bed confession of Ann Gill who died in 1892 :-

I wonder if you may be able to help.

I am currently researching the 'final words' spoken (or written) prior to death. I was recently made aware of a death bed confession from a lady named Ann Gill in Norristhorpe, way back in 1892. She had apparently poisoned her husband to death in October 1871 as she wanted to marry another man........

Any information would be hugely appreciated.

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Giles Wilcock - Death of Hannah Haigh - 31st July 2019

Giles Wilcock is seeking information about the death of Hannah Haigh in 1883 :-

Hannah Haigh was found in a boiler at Clough Mill, Clough Lane, Liversedge on 30th September 1883 she had links to both Batley and Skelmanthorpe. She is buried at Christ Church, Liversedge. Giles is seeking information about both Hannah and also about Clough Mill.

Here is a link to the first part of the story.

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Dave Dickinson - J Hainsworth Stationers - 7 November 2018

Dave Dickinson is seeking information about a Stationery shop in Liversedge :-

I wonder if you have any information about J. Hainsworth Stationers in Liversedge. I bought a piece of Arcadian China, and it is stamped with this name. Possibly from 1903. I would be grateful for any information.

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Martin Webster - West End Park - 13 July 18

Martin Webster is asking for any information about West End Park:-

I am one of the Friends of West End Park (est 1885) and we are always looking to expand our record of the history of the park. This is particularly since the hot weather has revealed a range of parch marks that speak of athletic activities and earlier structures. The aerial photo of 1925 shows some paths and many strange marks that may be either the remains of WW1 practice trenches or pens for animals in the great agricultural show of that year. A ring of dried grass on the old photo was shown to be the site of a bandstand mentioned on the 1905 OS map. A large round domed mark near the top entrance is said to be an air-raid shelter (but round would be unusual?) and we are very keen to find the site of an underground water-tank on the Whitcliffe site which seems to be still overflowing into the park and making it boggy in strange lines!

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Common [area] around Heckmondwike in the early 1800s - 29 May 17

Mark Grace is seeking information related to the Popplewell family:-

I am interested in the regional knowledge and expertise of society members who may be able to help identify a particular place in the immediate vicinity of Heckmondwike, that would have had a name valid in the 18-teens.

I am the 4xgreat grandson of one David POPPLEWELL who was born in Heckmondwike c1791. While I have extensive trees for the area, I cannot fit David in, i.e,. no baptism found. He was a cordwainer and also a gunsmith once he settled in Birmingham. He married there in 1812, and there is an extensive descendant family in Birmingham. What is interesting is that 2 of his 4 children are baptised in Birmingham and recorded in the church as having been born in Heckmondwike. These are the clearest indications of David's origins. Only one other child survives into the census period in Birmingham to repeated indicate Yorkshire origins as "Leeds Common".

I have been unable to find that specifically named place in Heckmondwike, however I do note that there was a Leeds Road in Heckmondwike and historical areas known as "Commonside" and "Top of Common". Indeed, the Cholera Survey on your website indicates a William POPPLEWELL in Top of Common in 1849.

The birth place is probably a childhood memory when she resided most of her life in Birmingham, based on what her father told her. He died ahead of the 1841 census. It is possible the Leeds Road and Common coincide in a particular area of Heckmondwike?

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Hirst's of Cleckheaton - 20-Feb-17

Peter Hirst is seeking information on the following:-

I have undertaken some genealogy studies recently and have established that my paternal great grandfather was called Harold Hirst and was born in Cleckheaton. His father was a Chemist also in Cleckheaton and his father in turn was the publican/owner of the Boot and Shoe Public house which used to be situated at Bence Lane End Darton.

I appreciate that it is a shot in the dark as there are many Hirsts in your area but I wondered whether any of the information I have provided rings any bells with anyone?

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Air Raid Shelter Gomersal - 17-Nov-16

Geoff Judge is seeking information on the following:-

I was wanting to enquire as to any knowledge amongst your group of an air raid shelter for what was the school at Gomersal Hill Top.

The school was demolished some 35 years ago to become Bronte Close (next to Sainsbury's) and apparently there is an air raid shelter there.

At the bottom of Bronte Close you can enter the field ( with permission of course ) and keeping the wall to your right hand side head to the corner where there appears to be the entrance.

If anybody has knowledge of this Capacity layout etc I would be interested.

If you can help can you please contact us at and we will pass the information on.

Neville Family of Liversedge - 29-Aug-16

Steve Burt is seeking information as follows:-

The Neville family of Liversedge owned substantial land in Hunslet and Holbeck in the medieval period and beyond. I am struggling to find any information on them other than the family tree and wondered whether you may be in a position to help?

I know that their main residence was in Liversedge but they did have a substantial hall and private oratory at Hunslet. This building was long ago destroyed and there is no record of what it actually looked like. I have no idea where their hall was in Liversedge and whether any of their archival material has survived in the area.

If you can help please contact us by email at

Beck Lane, Heckmondwike - 27-April-16

Alan Hodgson is seeking the following information:-

I wonder if you can help me? I am trying to find out when Beck Lane, Heckmondwike, was first used as a rugby/football ground. I believe it may have been as far back as the 1870s but cannot confirm this. Any help would be much appreciated as I am doing some research into local soccer.

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Doctor in Cleckheaton - 01-Feb-16

Mary Taylor is seeking help in finding the name of a doctor:-

I am looking for the name of a doctor in Cleckheaton in the early nineteen hundreds. My Grandfather worked for this doctor.

Grandfather Robert Berry worked for the doctor first as a horseman driving his horse and trap and then as his gardener.

Robert would begin work for the doctor about 1901 or 1902, I don't know when he gave up.

In 1911, he said he was an Assistant Cemetery and Parks (probably looking after the flower beds and mowing the grass, and possibly be doing this at the same time as looking after the doctors garden)

His address in 1911 was 4 Leopold Street, Cleckheaton, which I think no longer exists.

Roberts wife was Mary both born in Ingleton, the eldest child Lily was born in Ingleton and their other daughter Annie, my Mother was born in Cleckheaton in 1902.

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Butts Mill - 06-Oct-15

Geoff Dewing is seeking information about Butts Mill, please see information below. If you are able to help in any way please contact us at at the following email address

My partner, Marjorie Brooke, was named after an aunt who tragically died at the age of four years after falling into a pail of hot water in a wash house in Gomersal in 1925.

In the absence of coroner's reports for that period, we have copies of the local newspapers which were sent from the Local Studies Centre which make reference to her living at Butts Mill Cottages and a neighbour living at 236 Butts Mill Yard.

Using her Death Certificate, Birth Certificate and the 1911 Census we have concluded, rightly or wrongly, that the young Mary Marjorie Brooke was born and died at 234 Spen Lane after being rescued and brought home by a neighbour who lived at 236 Spen Lane.

The two properties that I believe are 234 and 236 Spen Lane currently stand on the site of a property referred to as Broom Hill on early maps, about a half mile to the west of Butts Mill, but I can find no actual reference to Butts Mill Cottages or Butts Mill Yard.

Were the properties at 234 and 236 Spen Lane ever called Butts Mill Cottages or Butts Mill Yard ?

I am hoping that one of your members may be able to provide the answer.

Spen Valley's Industrial Heritage - 12-May-15

Richard Grylls is seeking information about companies that existed in the Spen Valley, please see his request for information below. If you are able to help in any way please contact us at the following email address

I hope to be able to accumulate sufficient information about at least TWENTY of the following thirty companies to add their histories (textual and graphical) to the Spen Valley’s “Industrial Hall of Fame”:

1. Brayshaw & Booth - Iron founders / Millbridge

2. Abel Blackburn - Engineers / Cleckheaton

3. Pitt Brothers / Alma Machine Tool & Engineering - Engineers / Cleckheaton & Millbridge

4. William Atkinson & Son - Worsted Spinners / Cleckheaton

5. Herbert E. Aykroyd & Co. - Worsted Spinners / Littletown

6. F. W. Birkett & Sons - Brass founders / Cleckheaton

7. Blakelock & Co. - Rope & Twine / Rawfolds & Chain Bar

8. Enos & Al Smith / British Ropes - Wire / Cleckheaton

9. Edward Brooke - Tanners / Cleckheaton

10. Thomas Burnley & Sons - Yarn manufacturers / Gomersal

11. George Carver & Sons - Engineers / Cleckheaton

12. John Collier & Co. - Soap Manufacturers / Millbridge

13. Co-operative Wholesale Society / Heckmondwike Boot & Shoe Works - Boots & Shoes / Heckmondwike

14. George Crossley - Engineers / Cleckheaton

15. Robert Crossland - Card Clothing / Scholes

16. Dawson Brothers - Bottle washing machines / Gomersal

17. Hearl Heaton & Sons - Engineers / Millbridge

18. William Isherwood - Wooden “beadings” / Cleckheaton

19. Fairfax Kelly & Sons - Blankets & Carpets / Heckmondwike

20. Samuel Law & Sons - Card Clothing / Cleckheaton

21. Lion Confectionery Co. - Confectionery / Cleckheaton

22. Marsden & Co. - Engineers / Heckmondwike

23. Samuel Reeve - Manufacturing Chemists / Cleckheaton

24. Saunders & Saunders - Manufacturing Chemists / Cleckheaton

25. George Hirst / Spen Valley Brewery Co. - Mineral Water Manufacturers / Roberttown & Cleckheaton

26. Israel & Benjamin Umpleby - Boiler makers / Cleckheaton

27. T. F. Firth & Sons - Carpets & Furnishing Fabrics / Heckmondwike

28. Joe Hey Green - Rope & tarpaulin manufacturer & tar distiller / Cleckheaton

29. Elymas Wadsworth & Sons - Worsted spinners / Cleckheaton

30. Firth, Holdsworth & Co. - Worsted Spinners / Scholes

We seek any information from the descendants of the founders, employees, customers or suppliers of these companies. We know, from a pilot project, just how much information still exists in attics, garages, bottom-drawers, scrap-books and photo-albums.