Links to Previous Speaker Information

John Hudson - 13th November 2019 - A Potter's Tale

In his talk John spoke about Issac Button and said that video images of him could be viewed on YouTube. A number of videos are viewable and Part 1 of 4 is shown below.

Further videos can be viewed by clicking on this link.

You can find out more information about John by visiting his website here.

David Templeman - 8th March 2017 - Mary Queen of Scots - The Captive Queen 1568-1584

In his talk David mentioned his recently published book, Mary, Queen of Scots: The Captive Queen in England 1568-87, copies of this book can be purchased by using the following link that takes you to The Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge

Chris Helme - 13th January 2016 - Sunny Vale Pleasure Gardens - Yorkshire's Alton Towers of the 19th Century

The following link takes you to the BFI (British Film Institute) which shows 6 minutes of Film footage taken by Mitchell & Kenyon in 1901 at Sunny Vale

Link to the Calderdale Visual Archive showing a picture of Sunny Vale

Link to webpage on Sunny Buncers on the website

Peter Higginbotham - 11th November 2015 - Three Centuries of the Workhouse

In his talk Peter mentioned two websites that had comprehensive information that we would find interesting if we wanted to "dig deeper" into this subject, these websites are and

If it's of interest, the interview Kathryn mentioned that he did with Beryl Johnson, is at