Old Liversedge

Jim Summerscales, was a friend of Liversedge historians, he generously donated his research and transcriptions that he had carried out over several years to encourage the further use of this information. The original source data can be found in the West Yorkshire Archives. Simply click on the underlined link to take you to the information.

The information, in chronological order, consists of the following:-

LIVERSEDGE DEEDS (1706 to 1830)

Over two thousand summaries of all the Liversedge Deeds plus alphabetical indexes allowing you to quickly find the owner, tenant or property mentioned in a deed.

Land Tax (1781 to 1832) - Copies of Land Tax, Index of Occupiers and an Index of Proprietors (Owners)


This shows who owned the land and the tenants occupying the properties. Use the indexes to discover the property owned or occupied by your ancestors and then use the 1803 Map to locate the site of the property or house owned or occupied by your ancestors.

1803 Liversedge Map - This hand drawn map accompanies the survey of 1803 and shows Liversedge before the Luddite Rising in 1812.

1834 Liversedge Map - Another hand drawn map by Jim showing the changes that have taken place over 31 years.

Jim presented copies of both of these maps to the Shears Inn so that they could be viewed by members of the public. The Shears Inn also has links to the Luddite Risings in 1812. The Shears Inn is situated on Halifax Road near to Sparrow Park that is dedicated to the Luddites.

Cholera Nuisance Survey (1849) - Survey and Index of People Mentioned