Cholera Survey

Church Council Meeeting held at the Shears Inn Sept. 7 1849

Following a cholera outbreak , the undermentioned cases were reported as nuisances


Burnley Buildings - stable and drain

Joseph Norton - house to be cleansed.

John Starkey & Brothers - drain at back of Spivey Building to be covered

James Spivey - priveys and piggeries to be removed, front of buildings to have a covered drain.

George Ashworth - two pig tubs to be removed.

Joseph Sykes - privy to be cleaned and pig tub removed, manure to be removed from the roadside.

Ashton Dike Goit - to be cleaned. Town’s property.

Joseph Chadwick – to remove nuisance at back of his house.

Morris Building

George Jackson – pig coat to be cleansed.

Peter Mack – house to be cleansed.

Samuel Cooke – priveys require something to allay nuisance, front of buildings to have a covered drain.

Henry Hays – pig coats to be cleansed and one tub removed.

Mrs Elizabeth Vernon – old road to be drained and cleansed, front of building to have a covered drain

Godfrey Berry – privy to be removed.

William Deacon – to remove ashes and manure


Edwin Firth – open drain between Nos. 23/33 to be covered, priveys to be removed, front of building to have a covered drain.

Robert Gomersal Execs. – to remove ashes and keep privy clean.

David Pyrah – pig coat to be removed.

Samuel Wood, Mrs Gomersal & Edwin Firth – open drain by the causeway to be removed.

James Ainley – privy to be removed.

Walkman Yard

George Cardwell – privy to be kept clean and the beck fenced off near the road.

Milton Row

Thomas Rotheray, Abraham Townend, John Spink, Benjamin Kilburn, Israel Horner, Thomas Exley, Abraham North, Henry Wilson, John Cox, William Simond, Jarvis Goodall, JosephWilson, John Firth and Miles Crawshaw - manure heaps to be removed further from the cottages - all pig coats to be removed from front of the above cottages - the front drain is to be kept well opened by the owners.

Oldroyd & Crowther – the privy near Abraham Townend’s cottage along with the manure is to be removed.

The road leading to Milton Row is in a bad state and needs repairing by the owners.


John Swallow – ashes to be removed immediately.

Hammon Buckley & Matthew Scott – privy up the passage to be kept clean or removed

Doghouse Lane

Joseph Clough – pig coat to be removed


Messrs. Mitchell – to remove ashes.

John Elam – to remove ashes immediately.

Michael Parkinson – ashes and dung heap to be removed immediately

South Field

James Elam – to remove stagnant pool in front of house immediately

Liversedge Hall

Richard Holt – to remove dung heap.

Nanny Parkinson – to remove ashes.

Joseph Hudson – to remove manure and ashes at Liversedge Hall

John Firth to remove ashes


Joseph Hudson – to remove manure and pig coat near the Toll Bar.

Mrs Oddy – drain to be covered.

John Burnley – manure to be removed.

Thomas Sheard – privy to be kept clean.

James Crossley – open drain to be covered.

Thomas Joy & Patrick Cavanaugh – ashes to be removed and privy cleansed

Thomas Beaumont – to remove ashes and alter privy.

John Stocks – ashes to be removed and privy kept clean.

Henry Wilby – privy to be walled.

David Sheard – manure to be removed, pig coat to be pulled down and all ashes removed.

John & Charles Chappell – ashes to be removed.

John Leadbeater – sink drain to be opened notice to owner

Messrs. Carter, Binns & Pickles – privy to be cleansed and removed.

Jane Day – sink spout to be cased and pig removed.

James Crowther – manure to be removed.

Thomas Beaumont – manure to be in line with the wall.

Thomas Sheard – cottage and other drain on back side to be cleansed and walled.

George Bostock – privy to be cleansed, ashes to be removed and kept clear in the space leading into Abraham Hirst’s yard.

John Elsworth – privy to be removed.

John Kershaw & John Brook – pigs and tubs to be removed, School privy to be repaired and kept clean.

George Ingham – stagnant pool to be removed.

Margaret Fawcett – ashes to be removed.

Charles Flint – manure to be removed, privy to repaired and kept clean.

John Goodall & Lockwood – cottage drain to be covered.

Thomas Thickett, Ignatius Brook & Joseph Fawcett, manure to be removed.

Top of Common

William Popplewell – drain in yard to be removed.

William Furniss – ashes and manure to be removed.

Benjamin Fawcett – remove all ashes at the front of Mr. Wadsworth’s Cottage.

Joseph Hanson – all manure and ashes to be removed.

Joseph Wood – all ashes to be removed.


Joseph Oldroyd – keep privy clean.

George Furniss & others – privy to be cleansed.

Willam Pawson – privy to be cleansed or removed, Pig coat to be removed further from the cottage.

John Hirst – pig coat to be cleansed or removed.

James Jackson – all manure to be removed

John Pawson – privy to be cleansed.

John Leadbeater – privy to be removed.

Thomas Hirst & John Tordoff – manure to be removed.

Charles Beaumont – to remove manure.

John Rouse – manure to be removed and house cleansed.

Crispin Tordoff & Richard Walker – manure to be removed and ashes in the yard.

George Stringer – pig coat to be removed.

Robert Crowther & John Ellis – open drain to be covered.


Privy adjoining cottage 620 to be removed .

Jas. Lister, Junior – to cleanse drains, to prevent his drain from spoiling the Makers in the wall, to remove privy also the manure, at the low end of the premises situate at Lower Hall.

Mr Wharton – privy to be enclosed with a wall.

Joseph Milner – his ashes privy to be removed plus ashes.

Joshua Jackson – drain from stable to be altered, Privy adjoining Mr. George Lister’s to be removed.

Joseph Ashworth – remove privy adjacent to Highway near cottage No. 924, Ashes to be removed opposite cottages 930, 931 etc.

James Ashton – to remove ashes near Cess Pool.

Jas. Lister,senior, to remove privy at Richard Cordingley’s cottage.

Joseph Balmforth – to remove privy.

James Halmshaw – to remove privy manure.

Daniel Hinchliffe – to remove manure.

Joseph Hepworth – to remove privy manure.

James Lister, Junior, - to remove privy adjoining John Littlewood’s garden, Ashes to be removed out of Long Holm and privy to be set back.

John Burnley – to remove ashes and clean out drains behind the wall at bottom of Long Holm.

George Robertshaw – to remove manure.

Mark Kershaw – to remove privy manure and ashes.

Sam Walker – to remove slagwork, ashes & manure heaps

Priscilla Wilshaw – to remove ashes.

Jeremiah Armitage – to remove ashes.

Stephen Littlewood – to remove stagnant water behind his premises.

Samuel Hirst – to remove rubbish and make a cover for a drain near Mr. Littlewood’s.

Jane Jackson – to remove ashes and privy manure on the Balk Top.

Neddy Walker – to clean out drains behind his premises down the “Land”.

Benjamin Heptonstall – to remove privy manure, Privy adjacent to cottage No. 618 to be removed.

Joseph Lister – to remove privy at the end of Quaker Lane

Jane Jackson – to keep her drain clear


Charles Brooke – manure to be removed.

Wilby’s house to be cleansed and ashes.

William Priestley – privies to be cleansed out.

Samuel Chadwick – manure to be removed.

John Whiteley – to remove manure.

Charles Kitchen – to remove ashes.

George Smith – to remove privy manure.

Lydia Cording – to remove ashes and get privy walled in.

Isaac Hirst – to cleanse the drain

Samuel Coates – has to drain off all water in the croft.

Joseph Cockill – to remove stagnant water adjoining garden wall and also at the lower end of the yard and clean out all ashes and drains adjacent to Samuel Chadwick’s premises.

John Blackburn – to remove pig and manure.

John Brearley – to remove pig and manure.

Luke Illingworth – to remove ashes and soil adjacent to premises of Joseph R. Smith.

Samuel Taylor – property ashes and dung to be removed.

John Ramsden – to remove Cess Pool in Fields.

William Hampshire – to remove ashes adjacent to

Samuel Taylor’ property also manure near house property.


John Drake – to make a cover for drain and cleanse the yard.

Frank Sykes – to remove privy and all filth and dung in the yard near Blakelock’s Cottages.

Hightown. Ashes to be removed near Mr. Charlesworth’s property.

David Holroyd – to remove privy manure and enclose the place with a wall.

Abraham Clough – to remove pig manure.

Mr. Kilburn – to remove ashes.

William Holdsworth – as owner alter a drain in front of Cottages 870, 871, 872, 873, 874 and 875.

Ann Taylor – to remove manure.

Ann Mitchell – to remove privy manure.

Samuel Moulson – to remove pig styes and pig manure near No. 330.

Thomas Hemingway – to remove nuisance of ashes and opposite cottages near 843, 844, 845 and 846.